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Monday, August 21, 2017

White supremacy is part of the left, not the right

The white supremacist organizers of the tragedy in Charlottesville, WV last week called their rally “Unite the Right.” That title reveals a deep ignorance of history and sorry reasoning skills. Racism has never been part of any definition of the right by any leader of the right in history.

There are two divisions within the right and left today – economic and social. Economically, the left is socialist and demands state control of the economy; the right favors free markets. The free market right opposed slavery in the 19th century, which caused the left, socialists who favored slavery, to give their discipline the name of the “dismal science.” See Wikipedia’s article on Thomas Carlyle.

Leaders of the left have often claimed that slavery was the natural consequence of capitalism, in spite of the historical evidence that all of the leaders of capitalism opposed slavery. Capitalists have always and at all times insisted that the only job of the state is to protect the life, liberty and property of every person equally. The left knows this but doesn’t want the public to know it. So they lie. Slavery was not a market failure or the logical result of capitalism. Slavery was the largest failure of government in the history of the West.

The left doubled down on its racism after it lost the battle against slavery by inventing eugenics. Hitler did nothing but take the left’s theory of eugenics to its logical conclusion. BTW, Nazis were part of the left, not the right as the ignorant mainstream media advertise. Mainstream historians propagate the lie. Nazi was short for National Socialism. No group rested farther to the left on the economic spectrum than Nazis.

So racism and slavery cannot be attached to the economic right. What about the social right? The social right has always fought for traditional Christian values; the left has always opposed them. Are racism and slavery tradition Christian values? No. They never have been. Christian Europe in the middle ages was the first region of the world to abolish slavery. Europe also revived slavery with the discovery of the New World. But Christian leadership in the West opposed slavery on the grounds that all people are equal before God and should not be deprived of their freedom. Catholics and Protestants tried to block slavery, but monarchs and parliaments refused to listen.

Christian ministers led the anti-slavery movements in the US and UK. Sadly, many Christian leaders in the South defended slavery, but they were an aberration. They were the first in the history of Christianity to do so and were a rare exception. Since the Civil War, all of US and European Christianity has condemned slavery and racism. Remember that the great Martin Luther King was a Baptist minister.

Except for the aberrant Christians in the US South before the Civil War, Christianity has always and everywhere opposed racism. White supremacists cannot claim they are part of the social right or the economic right. So what makes them think they are part of the right? The main reason is that socialist mainstream historians and the socialist media have labeled Nazis as part of the right in spite of the overwhelming evidence they were wholly on the left throughout history.

US socialists fell in love with the Nazis before WWII, claiming them as one of their own. Then Hitler committed the unpardonable sin by invading the USSR. The US left had to choose which group of socialists to support and they chose Stalin. To distance themselves from Hitler, they declared the Nazis to be capitalists in spite of their earlier embrace of Nazism. That’s a typical socialist technique: they label anything ugly or unpopular in history as capitalist. Since most historians and journalists are hard core Marxists they find it convenient to perpetuate the great lie.

White supremacists lack even the reasoning skills of child. Some of them claim to be free marketeers and can’t see the contradiction. In a free market, Adam Smith style with the rule of law, the supremacists can’t coerce minorities to leave because the state protects them. They can refuse to do business with minorities, but they can’t prevent other whites from buying and selling to minorities and they can’t stop minorities from owning property and exchanging goods and services with each other, so minorities will flourish. In a society with the rule of law, as all capitalists have always insisted on, the KKK would be irrelevant. That doesn’t mean racism wouldn’t exist; that’s part of man’s nature. But racists couldn’t do anything about their perverted ideas.

Some of the white supremacists claim to be Christian, advertising their shocking ignorance of the fact that Jesus and the Apostles were Jews. There are many people who claim to be Christian and are not. Most of the professors of religion at Ivy League colleges are not Christian, though they claim to be, because they deny the validity of the fundamentals of historic Christianity – the virgin birth of Christ, his deity and resurrection.

White supremacists may claim to be capitalists and they may claim to hold to traditional values, but they are simply lying or ignorant. So why does the media perpetuate those lies? Because it serves the cause of socialism to smear those on the economic and social right and they know most of their audience wants to believe it and are ignorant and gullible enough to continue believing it.

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