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Sunday, August 18, 2019

New National Conservatism Is Old Mercantilism
Source: AP Photo/Richard Drew
Recently some conservatives got together at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in New York City to plot the future of what they hope is a new movement. Headlined by Fox’s Tucker Carlson and Ambassador John Bolton, the meeting attempted to...

“Bring together public figures, journalists, scholars, and students who understand that the past and future of conservatism are inextricably tied to the idea of the nation, to the principle of national independence, and to the revival of the unique national traditions that alone have the power to bind a people together and bring about their flourishing."

One writer who attended the conference reported on the speech by Mary Eberstadt, an essayist and novelist at the Faith and Reason Institute. Eberstadt argued that,

“[...] We ought to ask what is actually conducive to the human flourishing of our country’s citizens.

“Libertarianism [...] is simply incapable of answering this question. It lacks the moral foundation necessary to understand the good of the human person, and it fails to develop the habit of mind that looks to the wisdom that preceded Adam Smith and Austrian economics. Because libertarianism exalts autonomy and self-determination above all else, it is willing to accept immense human suffering—such as that caused by the opioid crisis, our culture’s deep sexual disorder, the breakdown of the American family, and the scourge of racism—as so much collateral damage. To libertarianism, these things are surely regrettable, but they are ultimately an acceptable price to pay for individual freedom."

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Will The Democratic Conventions Be As Violent As 1968?

Source: AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

During their demonstration held Saturday, June 30, in downtown Portland, Antifa (anti-fascist) marchers swinging baseball bats beat an elderly man and one who came to his defense. Then they beat journalist Andy Ngo, leaving him with serious head injuries.

Recently, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez insisted that the US had built Nazi-style concentration camps to hold immigrants:

”The United States is running concentration camps on our southern border and that is exactly what they are – they are concentration camps – and if that doesn’t bother you,” Ocasio-Cortez ““I don’t use those words lightly. I don’t use those words to just throw bombs,” she continued. “I use the word because that’s what an administration that creates concentration camps is. A presidency that creates concentration camps is fascist and it’s very difficult to say that.”

Those seem like unrelated incidents, but they’re not. They’re all about “critical theory.” Bear with me as I explain because the left’s embrace of the theory explains why the coming party conventions may become as violent as the Democratic Convention of 1968.

Depending on who you read, critical theory can be an upstart philosophy or ancient one. This post, “Just what is ‘Critical Race Theory’ Anyway?” provides an excellent introduction with good links for those who want to go deeper. Like most nonsense, the “theory” if filled with philosophical filigree to give it the appearance of substance. Boiled down, it’s just this: power is everything and all that matters. If they’re deconstructing an ice cream cone or politics, the only thing they care about is who holds the power. In every activity, in every way and every day, someone with power is oppressing someone with less power. Nice people don’t exist; only oppressors and the oppressed.
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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Why Do Democrats Hate Families?

Why Do Democrats Hate Families?

Why has the Democrat party become the party of the alphabet gang, the LBGTQRSUV... crowd? Because socialists have always hated the family. Jonathan Newman quoted from Marx and Engels in The Communist Manifesto:

Abolition of the family! [...] On what foundation is the present family, the bourgeois family, based? On capital, on private gain. In its completely developed form, this family exists only among the bourgeoisie. But this state of things finds its complement in the practical absence of the family among the proletarians, and in public prostitution. 
The bourgeois family will vanish as a matter of course when its complement vanishes, and both will vanish with the vanishing of capital. 
Do you charge us with wanting to stop the exploitation of children by their parents? To this crime we plead guilty.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Tucker Joins Bernie And AOC In Attacking Free Market System Again

Tucker Joins Bernie And AOC In Attacking Free Market System Again
Source: AP Photo/Richard Drew
Tucker Carlson recently joined socialists Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Bernie Sanders in exhuming the medieval zombie of usury and directed it to attack credit card companies. However, their definition of usury, interest rates greater than 15%, advertises their ignorance of the history of usury.

When The Fed Creates Money, Who Gets It?

Source: AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

The stock market rocketed recently on news that the Federal Reserve may cut interest rates. People speculated that it may do so because of tanking economies in the rest of the world, President Trump’s trade wars, the slowing US economy, and other ideas.

Central banks have used the tools of interest rate changes and open market operations (buying and selling treasuries) for over a century in misguided efforts to boost their economies out of recessions. They get by with it because the process is complicated enough that most people don’t understand it. The general idea is to force feed the economy more money through the tube of the banking system.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Another Billionaire Bites The Invisible Hand That Feeds Him

Source: AP Photo/Michel Euler

Hayek wrote in Intellectuals and Socialism that, “The main task of those who believe in the basic principles of the capitalist system must frequently be to defend this system against the capitalists--indeed the great liberal economists, from Adam Smith to the present, have always known this.”

Economist’s Love Of Fed Is Really Love Of Power

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Harvard economist Greg Mankiw thought President Trump’s nominations of Herbert Cain and Stephen Moore to the Federal Reserve Board would sully the reputation of his mistress. Sounding like a teenage girl with a crush, or sportscasters talking about their favorite running back, Mankiw wrote a gushing love letter to the Federal Reserve for the New York Times:
I have a confession to make: I love the Federal Reserve. And I suspect that, in their heart of hearts, most other economists love the Federal Reserve, too. But I fear our love may be in peril...
At this point, you might be saying: “Whoa, Nelly! Have you already forgotten the financial crisis and Great Recession?”
No, I have not. As I wrote just last year, the Fed’s decision not to rescue Lehman Brothers when the investment bank faced a liquidity shortfall in September 2008 was arguably an unforced error. And though we’ll never know for sure, subsequent events might have been less tragic if the Fed had acted more boldly. 
Institutions, like people, should not be judged by the standard of perfection. They should be judged by whether they are doing the best they can. By this standard, I give the Fed a top grade.